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Jefferson's victory in the USA!

The realistic depiction and seamless interpretation of a portrait of the third President of the United States earned “Portrait of Thomas Jefferson” multiple honors in the 37th annual Impressions Awards.

Read the rave reviews of experts below:

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Unique speaking likeness


Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones, judge of the competitions "Impressions Awards", says about my portrait "Tomas Jefferson":

“This was a stunning reproduction of a portrait in thread. Every detail was perfect and not a single thread was out of place ”.

Calling the design a “masterpiece,” Jones was particularly impressed with its unique stitch directions, including the circular patterns, which she says keep the image “soft and pleasing, instead of geometric and mathematical.”

” All of this year’s judges were impressed by the entry’s digitizing and stitching execution, applauding the digitizer’s effort and skill level. “This should be studied by new embroiderers as a level to aspire to,” Jones says.

Richard Bloedow

Richard Bloedow, judge of the competitions "Impressions Awards", says about my portrait "Tomas Jefferson":

Richard Bloedow, of GS USA says he voted for the entry because of the design’s complexity. “The blending in the design was some of the best I have witnessed,” he says.

“Everything, from the use of thread colors to the finish of the overall design and the frame work, made this a special entry. To me, the finished product looked like a true painting.

Marcia Derryberry
Editor in Chief
Impressions Magazine

Marcia Derryberry, Editor in Chief Impressions Magazine, says about my portrait "Tomas Jefferson":

Dear Zhanna,

Congratulations! You won Grand Champion of the entire competition! Your work will be featured on the January cover of Impressions as well as in the opening feature. We will display it at all of the 2016 Imprinted Sportswear Shows as well and it will be online in our Impressions Awards and Design Galleries.

Thanks so much for sending it in — we were all blown away. Your talent is incredible.

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