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Portrait likeness

What is most important for portraits? The most important thing - is a "portrait likeness". Excellent "Portrait likeness" is most important for the quality of portraits. You can evaluate "portrait likeness" of my portraits here (click for view high resolution):

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Custom portrait boy Children's custom portrait Custom painting portrait
Self-portrait portrait-order Unique 3-D portrait Thomas Jefferson
3-D embroidered portrait Monroe

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My Awards

2015. USA. Portrait "Thomas Jefferson" - title of overall Grand Champion.

“Portrait of Thomas Jefferson” earned multiple honors in the "37th annual Impressions Awards". My portrait not only earned first place in the Digitizing Artistry category and Grand Champion: Embroidery honors, but it also earned the title of overall Grand Champion.

2015 Medal from Pope Francis.

Two of my embroidered paintings became official gifts to the Pope Francis from Ecuador. Pope highly assessed my skill. He handed to me a medal in recognition of my talent.

2014 Russia. Embroidered icon "Sorrows of Quito" - title Champion.

1th international competition "Best digitizer of Eastern Europe". My embroidered Icon "Sorrows of Quito" (catholic image of the Virgin) earned the title Champion.

My Equipment

What equipment is helping to do unique portraits?

I create custom portraits via:

    Embroidery machine Happy, software "Wilcom" and other,

    German thread "Madeira".