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11.08.2016. Open my Etsy-shop "SpeakingLikeness"

When shopping for gifts, we all want to buy our loved ones something special and thoughtful that seems to be made just for them. We want to find original special and rare gifts. In my on-line shop you can buy unique custom portraits "Speaking likeness" for your loved ones: child portrait, family portrait, romantic portrait, custom pet portrait, custom portrait with pet and digital designs for create portraits to order.

"Silken" portrait to order - this is a very beautiful, real unique and rare gift for your loved ones. This gift was made especially for them. It's hard to find a more personalized gift and rare gift than embroidered custom portrait.

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10.08.2016. My new web site is working! Welcome to my new website! [Home page]

01.10.2015. USA: Final of 37th international annual competition Impressions Awards. The realistic depiction and seamless interpretation of a portrait of the third President of the United States earned “Portrait of Thomas Jefferson” multiple honors in the 37th annual Impressions Awards. The entry, submitted by Zhanna Plaksina, Quito, Ecuador, not only earned first place in the Digitizing Artistry category and Grand Champion: Embroidery honors, but it also earned the title of overall Grand Champion. While “Portrait of Thomas Jefferson” garnered the latter distinction for scoring the highest combined number of points for toughness/job complexity, technical skill, visual impact, design placement and innovation, it was attention to detail and flawless execution that made the entry a standout, according to the Impressions Awards judges. “This was a stunning reproduction of a portrait in thread,” says Deborah Jones, MyEmbroidery “Every detail was perfect and not a single thread was out of place.” [Read more]

05.06.2015. Gifts for Pope Francis in Ecuador Read more on Univision / Video on Univision

The world’s first Latin American Pope returned to his home continent on the 5th of July 2015 and was presented with a number of gifts at the first stop in Ecuador. In a meeting with the President, Rafael Correa, and archbishop of Quito, Fausto Trávez Trávez, the Pope was presented with three pieces of art - two embroidered portraits and a statue. The two portraits were created by Zhanna Plaksina. .

27.09.2014. 2014 Russia. Embroidered icon "Sorrows of Quito" - title Champion.

1th international competition "Best digitizer of Eastern Europe". My embroidered Icon "Sorrows of Quito" (catholic image of the Virgin) earned the title Champion. .