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Contact Form

Here you can send your question or send a photo for order portrait.

If you feel ready order silk portrait, just follow the workflow below. For your convenience, the full process is illustrated.

Step 1: Send me your photos for portrait. Quality of photographs must be excellent. Use for send "contact form" or e-mail.

Step 2: I will help choose the good photo for a portrait.

Step 3: Place order and pay it. Make right choice: enter the desired "size of frame " and "material of frame".

Step 4: I'm creating vizualization of portrait. You receive vizualization of portrait, You must review and confirm it. If, from some reason, you're not satisfied with the visualization and wish to cancel your order, no problem - money back guaranteed!

Step 5: Production: embroidery of portrait. You can watch the process embroidery of your portrait on YouTube channel.

Step 6: Delivery.




I would love to hear from you. You can contact or follow us using any of the links below:

My Contacts

Quito, Sangolqui
+593 9 8 756 9429